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Phil Morris has recently bought an 8m × 4m Haygrove Garden Tunnel and explains how pleased he is with the product.

Phil Morris

Featured Gardener: Phil Morris

Dear all at Haygrove,

I recently purchased and erected a Haygrove poly tunnel here in my garden, short's fantastic and is a real 'game changer' with regards to all things horticulture at home.

For some time now I have been planning on getting a poly tunnel. I had spent lots of time researching on-line, readings blogs and talking to folk who already had a tunnel. I have recently retired (ex Royal Navy) and wanted a quality product, something to last. Although the Haygrove was more expensive than others I decided on your product because of the materials used, the design and reviews. Please 3 note that I had not seen one prior to purchase.

I opted for a 8 x 4m tunnel with guttering both sides and three tables. Ordering the Tunnel was simple, website was very good, sales staff very helpful, delivered well in advance of forecast. Erection - planned on 3 adults for 3 days. The instructions were very good and I have added few notes below which may help. The only hiccup we came across was the fixing of the guttering plates and we spent a number of hours trying to sort it out to no avail, but after a few phone calls and fortunately two of your chaps were able to call by on their way home from a job and happily fix those plates for use. This needs to be sorted.

Since then the tunnel has gone from strength to strength. I sowed my first seeds in early July and now the tunnel is already full of a variety of vegetables, hanging baskets and cuttings. I have built a system of raised beds, made suspended shelving inside the tunnel and utilised a water harvesting system. I also have electricity installed, to be ready for heating and lighting in the winter months.

We recently had our Garden open to public (charity thing) and I proudly (and enthusiastically) steered everybody through the polytunnel, not much to see at that time as far as growth was concerned but many favourable comments.

With regard to some feedback and suggestions to improvements:

Potting Tables - fantastic idea but you cannot run two or even three alongside each other on the same side of the tunnel as the brackets fixing them at table height to the hoops need to be offset, thus giving tables of differing heights. I have 3 adjacent tables on one side of the tunnel and the two outer ones are higher than the middle one.

Solution - devise a double bracket which will allow tables to be fixed adjacent to each other. I have 3 adjacent tables the two outer ones are higher than the middle one.

Nuts, bolts and washers etc - we found it extremely useful to open all the packets and to place each size of bolt, nut and washer etc into separate containers (we used flower pots) and then to label them with freezer labels. So as we progressed my son would ask for '3 of these and 3 of those' etc and we were able to instantly locate them.

Books - some tunnel companies provide a gratis copy of a Poly Tunnel publication. I have 3 books:

If you were ever to do something similar then I would very strongly suggest that you choose the book by Joyce Russell, it stands head and shoulders over the other two and is my single point of reference, well written, well laid out, it fills me with enthusiasm to go 'poly-tunnelling' every single day.