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Siting Your Haygrove Polytunnel

One of the things people often forget is to give a little thought to where they are going to position their greenhouse. The correct situation of the greenhouse will make a huge difference…

Planning Permission

A normal greenhouse or garden polytunnel will not usually require planning permission. If in doubt, it is best to call your local council. Often council planning departments run free clinics where you can take some pictures and plans of what you plan to do and get some advice on whether planning permission is required.

On the allotment, it will depend on your individual site's rules. Best to check with your site representative or manager, who will be able to give you guidance.

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Light and Shelter

You need as much light as possible so do not site the greenhouse directly under trees and hedges. Apart from shading your greenhouse, leaves will get onto the plastic covers and allow mould and lichen to take hold. If possible avoid north facing slopes because the light levels are worse.

A good sheltered site is very valuable especially to protect the Tunnel Greenhouse from very heavy winds. The diagram below illustrates the value of windbreaks to reduce the speed of wind and provide natural shelter for the Tunnel.

For example if the wind break is 3m (10ft) high then the wind speed will be only 25 to 50% of its open field velocity up to 5 x 3m or 15m (50ft) from the wind break.

Wind Velocity Diagram

Wind behaves like water. This means that if the wind is forced through narrower areas it will dramatically pick up speed. Therefore it is important, if possible, to avoid siting the structure directly in front of a gate way or a gap in the hedge or in a valley between two hills where the wind will be forced to accelerate.

Accelerated Wind Diagram

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Land Topography

The Haygrove Tunnel Greenhouse is much more forgiving than a glasshouse and will easily work on gently sloping land. The only important point is that if the ground has a slope it must be a consistent slope and not undulating.

Here are some pictures to illustrate what might and might not work:

Not Suitable Suitable
✗ Unsuitable
The slope of the land is too uneven
✓ Suitable
The slope of the land is even
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Ensure the land is well drained because this will enable you to cultivate the soil inside the Tunnel at any time of year.

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There is often much discussion on whether the Tunnel Greenhouse should run North to South or East to West. In reality as long as the Tunnel can be kept away from severe North facing slopes then the orientation does not really matter.

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