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The Haygrove Tunnel Greenhouse is covered with a high quality coated woven polyethylene cloth. The material is 172g per sq m in weight and is pretty unbreakable having a breaking strength of 18kg per sq cm or 255llbs per sq inch!

The material is UV treated to ensure we can guarantee it for 5 years against UV degradation.

The material has 88% light transmission which means that it generally performs better than glass which has a light transmission of 65% to 85% depending on the pane size and glasshouse structure.

In addition the material has an additive which diffuses or scatters the light when it enters the Tunnel. This means that the light is more available and gets deeper into the canopy of the plants and there is less direct radiation and risk of scorch on the upper leaves of the plant. The light diffusing nature of the plastic is demonstrated because on bright sunny days there is very little shadowing in the Tunnel.

Direct Radiation

Standard Plastic

Diffuse Radiation

Light Diffusing Plastic

Direct Radiation  Diffused Radiation

The following drawing illustrates the use of diffused and standard plastic and the effects of scattering of light entering the Tunnel:

Scattered Cladding

Technical Specification

Parameter  Units Specification
Cloth Weight
172 ± 5%
Breaking Strength
Elongation at Break % ≥20%
Tear Strength
Kg ≥15
Light Transmission % 88%
Diffused Light % 45% ± 5%
UV Stability Years of warranty 5