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Frost Protection

There are a number of important techniques to protect your Greenhouse crops from frost and to extend the growing season.

Sealing the Tunnel

The Haygrove Garden Tunnel has been designed to be fully sealed for winter and early spring protection with no air gaps or holes for warm air to escape. Specifically:

Draft Excluder
The steel door overlaps the inner frame with a rubber draft excluder
Zip Lock
The tunnel material has an excellent seal to the base with a ziplock
Sealed for Winter
The side vents can be sealed to the frame for overwintering and protecting from frost

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Adding Extra Frost Protection

Your Haygrove Garden Tunnel with well sealed sides, doors and base should provide up to -3 to -4°C frost protection. However, it is also possible to achieve added protection. The following are a useful list of techniques:

Inner Fleece
Raspberry canes protected with an inner fleece blanket suspended above the plants inside the Tunnel
A typical 18kw electric fan heater that can be suspended from the Tunnel structure. Courtesy of Hotbox.

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