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Glasshouses vs Polytunnels

One of the main choices when buying a year-round growing space is whether to buy a glasshouse, or a polytunnel. Haygrove have put years of work into developing our garden polytunnels because we believe they have many more advantages over glasshouses. See how they compare below:

Haygrove Garden Tunnel

Must be flat

Can be built on sloping ground


Concrete base or slabs needed

Anchored securely straight into the ground


Extremely hard to move structure and a new concrete base needed when changing site

Although heavy, a Haygrove Garden Tunnel can be manually carried to another site


Usually wood or lightweight metal

Industrial Grade Galvanised steel


Glass will be dangerous when broken (not allowed in many schools and allotments)

Plastic is strong enough to sit on, no risk if broken


Horticultural grade toughened glass is costly

Glass has poor light diffusing properties leading to plant scorching& shadowing

On bright days glass can be uncomfortable to work under

Haygrove’s unique woven plastic covers diffuse approx. 88% of rays thus scattering light as it enters the tunnel allowing it to penetrate deep into the plant canopy without hot spots, scorching or shadowing.

The slight opaqueness of the cover makes it pleasant to work under even on bright days.


Usually an expensive extra, can let in insects

Included as standard, insect proof netting