Haygrove Garden Polytunnels

Haygrove have used their 25 years experience as award winning growers of soft fruit and manufacturers of Polytunnels, to bring you a quality garden tunnel, competitively priced and incorporating unique features, previously only available to commercial growers as standard.

No Hidden Extras - It's All Included!

We don't hide necessary extras behind cheap lead in prices. With a Haygrove Polytunnel the price is clear. Our polytunnels come with the following as standard;

polytunnels delivery Industrial Grade Galvanised Steel Frame & Anchoring Posts INCLUDED
polytunnels delivery SMART Venting System, Both Tunnel Sides INCLUDED
polytunnels delivery Unique Woven Plastic Cover INCLUDED
polytunnels delivery High Sided Tunnel Design INCLUDED
polytunnels delivery FREE Delivery throughout Mainland UK INCLUDED


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Polytunnels for Schools & Community Projects

Salters Hill PolytunnelSalters Hill PolytunnelSalters Hill Polytunnel

A number of schools and community projects are working with Haygrove to create a fantastic outdoor area for all ages and abilities. See the example of St.Thomas More Catholic Primary School.

NEW! 5m wide Garden Tunnel
with Double Door Option

5m polytunnel 5m polytunnel 5m polytunnel

A wider tunnel with extra door capacity, especially for those who want vehicular access to their tunnel.

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Choose One of our Best Selling Haygrove Garden Polytunnels or Design Your Own Polytunnel

2m Wide Polytunnels

2m polytunnel

Designed for the more compact garden space, the Polytunnel is 2m (6'6'') wide and built to any length in 2m (6’6’’) sections. A 2m x 3 section Polytunnel would, for example, provide 12 sq m or 129 sq ft of growing space!

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3m Wide Polytunnels

3m polytunnel

Our best selling polytunnel width, ideal for the larger garden or allotment space.

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4m Wide Polytunnels

4m polytunnel

For the serious vegetable or flower grower. A typical 4m wide x 8m long Polytunnel provides a thumping 32 sq m or 345 sq ft of growing area!

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5m Wide Polytunnels

5m polytunnel

We are often asked for a wider tunnel with extra door capacity, especially for those who want vehicular access to their tunnel.

Call the office on 0845 269 6395 for more details.

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What Our Customers Say About Our Polytunnels

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Haygrove - Leading Specialists in Garden Polytunnels

Haygrove Polytunnels

Simply put, Haygrove are experts in Polytunnels. With over 20 years of experience in growing fruit and vegetables, you'd expect us to know a thing or two about what makes a good polytunnel. The experts and designer here at Haygrove Polytunnels have taken their knowledge of commercial growing under cover and used it to design the best garden polytunnel on the market.

Why Buy A Polytunnel?

A polytunnel creates an optimum environment for growing fruit and veg all year round. A Haygrove polytunnel does this by allowing the right sunshine to come through, protecting against rain and wind, and by using clever features such as roll up, roll down side venting to allow air in. By creating and maintaining this environment, means that it couldn't be easier for you to grow your own in your very own back garden.

Why Not A Greenhouse?

As a greenhouse is made of glass, they are usually smaller than the sizes available for a Haygrove Polytunnel. Not only this, but square metre to square metre, a polytunnel is more cost effective than a Greenhouse.

Another important factor is that the environment created by a Haygrove polytunnel is far better for growing, than a greenhouse.

What Makes Haygrove Polytunnels Better?

We are well aware of the choice you have when you've decided to buy a polytunnel for your garden. Many of our competitors are very skillful at using low lead in prices to catch you attention, but then add costs on later in the process with necessary accessories. A Haygrove Polytunnel is very clearly priced. We include as standard all the things we know you need, and only leave as optional, the things specific to you.

More than anything else, the biggest reason to choose Haygrove is quite simply the quality. We use quality components to build our polytunnels, such as all steel frames and a polythene cover which is guaranteed for 5 years.

How To Order Your Haygrove Poly tunnel

There are three ways you can order your Haygrove Polytunnel;

  1. By calling our friendly staff on 0845 269 6395.
  2. By clicking the polytunnels tab in the main menu and selecting the width of your tunnel, and then the available lengths and optional accessories.
  3. By clicking the Design Your Own tab in the main menu and using our very simply online configurator, which can help you visualize the size of your poly tunnel and the accessories available.

Remember, all our polytunnels come with free delivery to mainland UK. The only optional extra you might want to choose is our construction service which you can do once you've chosen your polytunnel and proceed to buy it.

A Haygrove Polytunnel Is The Right Choice!

We hope we've convinced you now that a Haygrove polytunnel is the right choice for you, as it comes with quality, reliable and friendly service from experts, clever and unique features, free delivery, and optional construction. But if you're still not convinced, give us a call or look around at more of our website.

For example, you can see real testimonials from our happy customers, videos highlighting the features of our polytunnels or our online polytunnel brochure.

The Haygrove Garden Polytunnel